The journey has begun


2019, what a year it has been.

This year, we embarked on a journey towards a life worth pursuing goal. That goal is to create the disability platform that is loved by all.

And so, the AYLO platform was born.


In March, we launched our first app on the platform at the NDS conference. The app was aimed to resolve the challenges in managing transport service that the service providers were facing under the new National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).



At the conference, we met many like minded people and organisations. Some of which we have been working together since. (We are forever grateful)


That was a great start indeed. But we didn’t stop there.


In May, we added a Single Sign-On capability. Yes, a buzz word that means you can now log in the platform using your existing Google or Microsoft accounts. You know.. because most businesses are run on Google and/or Microsoft!

In June, we added an online payment and online event booking app. What a great initiative by SASI who has been leading a lot of the initiatives on the platform. With this app, we’re gearing up the platform ready for the age of a cashless society.



In July, we added a data privacy app. One of many great suggestions by GCSS who has been helping us in shaping and driving new innovations for the platform. The app enables organisations to control their data access on a need to know basis. Brilliant!


So, we’d done quite a bit so far… Let’s keep that going.


In September, we added the ability to customise user roles and permissions.

In October, we added our first Analytics and Reporting capability.



In December, we added a Calendar view along with the vehicle and transport booking in the platform.



We have also made so many improvements to make the platform more user friendly. Thanks again to SASI and GCSS for all the feedback and suggestions.


Did I mention we have weekly cycle releases? We just can’t keep all the new features to ourselves!


Ok honestly.. it hasn’t been all rosy. We definitely have faced a lot of challenges along the way. Few opportunities were missed. But we continue to learn and just keep on improving. AYLO will be the platform for you too one day. I promise.


And so.. the AYLO journey has certainly begun. There are plenty more things we want the platform to do. So, let’s bring on the 2020!


Would you come along the AYLO journey in the 2020?


Please leave your comments. We’d love to hear from you.


Surasak Saetang
Founder of AYLO

Thanks for tuning in,
The AYLO Team
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