Support Community
Support Community

To support the community during this difficult time, we are introducing a new Free subscription for small businesses. (Subject to availability)

We hope that our newly created 🌡️ Health Check feature in the AYLO platform will assist the community in managing an outbreak by enabling the disability service providers to administer temperature checks of their support workers, and participants.

We also hope that many of our apps in the platform such as the Staff Portal, the Transport, and the Booking and Payment apps will support the community in sustaining their business operations and come back stronger on the other side.

If you like what we do… please simply pay it forward. 🥰🙏

Every little bit helps!

Thank you for tuning in and until next time.

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Surasak Saetang
Director and Co-Founder

Assist your loved ones with AYLO

Thanks for tuning in,
The AYLO Team
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