Onwards and Upwards
Happy new year everyone.

‘Onwards and Upwards’ is our 2020 resolution. This year, we have so much planned for the AYLO platform. Stay tuned for a big transformation!

Here is a sneak peak of what is to come with the AYLO platform this year:

  • The platform will be enhanced to support a wider range of users.
  • Many new apps and features will be introduced on the platform.

Join our journey and get updated on every step of the progress we make.

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Surasak Saetang
Director and Co-Founder

Introducing new AYLO Service Log.
  • Simple time log of your support services and activities.
  • Consolidate all your logs in one central location.
  • Link all service logs to your custom defined cost centres and NDIS support items.
  • Automatically calculate time period for all the service logs.
  • Export into an industry standard csv format.
What apps would you like to see on the AYLO platform?
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