Let the new type of service experience begin!
Hello Everyone.

I am very excited to introduce a new “Trusted Circle” app on the AYLO platform.

This new app enables disability service providers to make connections with people with a disability, their families and friends in the AYLO platform. The connections will soon be supporting many upcoming new features that focus on communication efficiency, and engagement effectiveness. I.e. a new type of service experience.

This also means that people with a disability, their families and friends can now sign up for a free personal account on AYLO. You can then use it to connect with your service provider on the AYLO platform, and enjoy the new service experience as we progressively roll out many more new apps and features.

Here are some of the new innovations from this month’s releases:

1. A free ‘Personal Account’ in the AYLO platform is now available.

2. A new type of login that does not require a password. We call this ‘Magic Link’.

3. The new ‘Trusted Circle’ app for making the connections between people with a disability, their families and friends, and the disability service providers.

Who would you invite to your trusted circle?

Thank you for tuning in and until next time.

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Surasak Saetang
Director and Co-Founder

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