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What’s new on AYLO Transport Service
  • GPS location tracking per trip: A cool feature suggested by one of our valued clients to track and retrieve route path per trip. Seeing each trip on the map is just the icing on the cake. Talk about traceability!
  • Trip summary dashboard: Another cool feature suggested by the same client (very clever!). The trip summary includes the distance travelled in kilometers, time duration in hours, and number of trip transactions done by the logged in staff in the current month. Apart from having fun with the stats, the summary can also provide a positive reinforcement feedback to the staff.
  • Slice and dice your data: Trips can easily be filtered by date range, drivers, clients, support items, and vehicles. Need to play with the data in spreadsheet? Yes you can. Simply bulk download the data into a standard csv format and off you go.
  • All our new cool features are made possible by the feedback we receive from our valued clients.

    Thanks for growing our platform and supporting us in our journey.

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