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A Health Check feature in the AYLO mobile app to add another preventive measure in managing an outbreak.

Hello Everyone,

It is so pleasing to see how well we have all been contributing towards flattening the curve in Australia. As the restrictions are being relaxed from June 1, it is important to have a good measure of control in place. So, you can continue to assist your loved ones, safely.

We are also doing our bit to support the transition. We have released a new ‘Health Check‘ feature in the AYLO platform. This feature adds a preventative measure in managing an outbreak by enabling the disability service providers to administer temperature checks of their support workers, and participants.

The Health Check feature can be used independently or in conjunction with our existing Transport solution. So, you have a full flexibility of how it fits in your systems.

There is no additional fee to use the Health Check feature. We are just delighted to be able to contribute to getting back to support the persons with a disability whilst staying safe within the community.

Do you know of any other good ways for preventive control? Why not share it with us?

Thank you for tuning in and until next time.

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Surasak Saetang
Director and Co-Founder

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